Day one, driving to Raymond

Day one and the morning of day two

We are sitting at the Timberland RV park in Raymond, WA after a long day of driving from Pomeroy. The original plan was to stop in Randall and visit an old friend of mine. He wasn’t home, so we continued on to the coast.

We left at eight AM on Saturday from Pomeroy. I decided to follow the GPS on the shortest route, and it took us on some back highways I’d never even thought of driving. We drove through Starbuck, Washington, Connell, across through the potholes to Vernita and the crossing of the Columbia river.

The bridge at Vernita. Looking to the left on the skyline are the reactors at Hanford Nuclear reservation. This was the exact site that the first atomic bombs were manufactured. The site is now closed and the government is on a long and difficult mission to clean and secure the site from nuclear waste. I’d say that the job will never end.

Continuing on through the barren hills, we drove through Yakima and bought lunch fixings at a little store on the highway going west. We also bought a bottle of hard cider (for me to try), clover honey, and two pounds of wonderful tasting fresh bing cherries. They will be the guests of honor at breakfast this morning. We also met a motorcyclist that had hit a deer and not even spilled. His bike had some minor damage and he had crap all over him. I guess the deer didn’t fare too well. Very lucky young man.

Then over Cascade Range at White Pass. I didn’t bother with any pictures. The rain set in about half way from Yakima to the summit and never let up. I’m now 5 for 5 at not seeing Mount Rainier from the highway.  It was raining in Randall, which prompted me to continue to the coast. The weather forecast had stated there would be intermittent clouds. Yeah, and didn’t mention rain, either. It’s been raining off and on all night. All the forecasts indicated that the weather would be better in Oregon. I sure hope so.

So we are getting ready to take off around 8 or so. We are going to hit the oyster shops here in Raymond. Wilapa Bay is renown for having some of the best oyster producing beds in the nation. I know those little rascals are tasty and I’m going to buy a few. After the gulf oil spill, the price of oysters is sure to go through the roof. We will also pick up some fish today for dinner. We’ve got everything we need, oil, flour, lemon, tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, and appetites.

I’m aiming for a little state park in Oregon near Seaside. A fellow traveler recommended it, Ecola State Park. He said it is beautiful, quiet, and off the beaten track. Sounds perfect. There is a nice trail to the beach and the crowds usually miss the place. Hopefully it is far enough south from the rain (which the weather report last night indicated it was in Washington and not Oregon) that we can go for a walk on the beach without rain coats.

That is it for this morning.

About Ken

I am a federal employee that loves to travel. I don't get any time off during the busy salmon tagging season, March through November. So, I save my leave and explore the warmer parts of the world during the winter.
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