Day two, Raymond Washington to Cannon Beach, Oregon

We got up late and lounged for 3 hours.  The weather was rainy and warmish, temperature about 60 or so.  Not uncomfortable at all.  We packed up and took off just before nine AM.

First stop was for coffee and a few food items.  Then on to the seafood market.  We looked at oysters in the local grocery store and they looked old and a little discolored.  I remembered a little stand along 101 and headed for it.

Or thought I was headed for it.  I could hardly remember a thing about Raymond.  I’d been over here twice in the early ‘90s tagging fish for one of our biologists out of Montlake, Des Maynard.  Even though I’d spent 8 nights in Raymond, I couldn’t find the motel or the seafood shop, and none of the restaurants looked familiar.  Hmmm.  I must be losing it.  I’ve always remembered a place I’d been before until yesterday.  Maybe it’s selective amnesia.

Off south on 101 and suddenly things started coming back.  And there it was, the seafood market I’d visited all those years before.  We stopped in and purchased a pint and a quart of fresh oysters from Wilapa Bay.  Yummy! The pint was for dinner, the quart will be frozen and saved for a special day later on.  I looked at the fish, but didn’t really like what I saw.  Prices for fresh seafood seemed so high, it was hard to buy it.  I decided we would stop at Ilwaco and see if the fish and the prices were any better.


The display case in Ilwaco and the touristy market area.  The prices were not much better, sigh.  We had a wonderful lunch at a little diner.  Praxy had crabcakes, and I had rockfish and chips.  Each of us sneaked a little bite from the other.  Hers was more tasty.  The waitress said there are 29 ingredients in those crabcakes plus the crab.  Awesome!

We bought smoked fish for the road, steamer clams for dinner, and scallops for any hunger emergency.  As typical with the northern Pacific coast, everything is wet and covered with moisture.  The rain was still coming off and on, sometimes quite hard.  Nothing to do but get lunch and then head south to Oregon.

Next is the huge bride across the Columbia near Astoria, Oregon.

We stopped at the edge of the road and took some pictures.

Then off and across.

This structure is massive.  Ocean going ships bound for Portland, Oregon can easily pass underneath with plenty of room to spare.  Then on in to Astoria.

The traffic was horrible after crossing the bridge.  I did not realize that this area was so populated.  We turned west and south on 101 and headed out of town.  I was hoping the traffic would ease, but that was not the case.  It was Sunday afternoon and you’d think that people might not be out so much.  Wrong.  We passed a Home Depot, then Costco.  Ah ha, the area had a lot more people then I’d realized and they were spread out.  Heavy traffic to Seaside.  Then finally south of Seaside things slowed down a bit.  I could once again watch the scenery as I was driving.

We pulled into Cannon Beach around 1:30PM and after a short break, I’d decided I’d driven as far as I wanted to on that day.  We asked around and found a nice little RV park on the north end of town and settled in.  Then off to Cannon beach to see what was there.

Horses walk behind me and Praxy poses with the famous “Haystack Rock” in the background.  I’d seen pictures of that rock for all my life and now here it was!  I could see people hanging around the base of it, so we took off for a walk.  Turned out we would walk about 5 miles round trip from the RV park to the rock and back.  The weather had finally lifted, just an occasional sprinkle.  People were out in force enjoying the day.  The sun peeped out once in a while and there was a slight wind.  There were a bunch of people out trying to fly kites, but only the people with small kites were having any luck.

A tidal pool near Haystack rock with some anemones and starfish.

An abandoned seal pup watches the watchers.  It seemed OK, It may old enough to be on it’s own.

We walked back through the town of Cannon Beach and it is a beautiful little town, albeit a tourist trap.  Clean, manicured, quaint, there was obviously a well thought out plan to organized the citizens and the businesses.  There are no tall electric signs, no garish displays, and plenty of sidewalks.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time at a relaxed pace.

I was worn out by the time we’d got back.  I’ve been battling some health issues, but the antibiotics seem to be getting things under control for me.  After a break I fixed dinner for my lovely wife.  Pan fried oysters, steamer clams, broccoli, and Fat Tire beer.  We ate until we were stuffed.

Heading for Newport today…

About Ken

I am a federal employee that loves to travel. I don't get any time off during the busy salmon tagging season, March through November. So, I save my leave and explore the warmer parts of the world during the winter.
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