Depoe Bay

I got tired of driving yesterday around 2:30Pm near Lincoln City.  I told Novia that I was going to pick a place by Newport, but I pulled into the Sea and Sand RV park on an impulse because they had a vacancy sign and their name said “sand”.  Novia has been wanting to stay on the beach and this looked like a good chance.  It was…

The trailer is not visible, but it is parked next to the electrical pole to the right of Praxy’s head in the first photo.   I can tell you now, you pay a premium price for sites like that, but it’s worth it.  She has been all smiles since we set up.

The day started out as before.  We packed up the trailer and headed south to Tillamook.  It was impossible to see much of the cheese factory, there were hoards of people milling everywhere.  All we saw was the packing plant with three different types of cheese coming from the cold room, being bagged, and then returning out of site back into the cold room.  We didn’t get any still photos, but I ran the heck out of the video. Cheese was going all around the room.

We ate lunch at the little restaurant at Tillamook and then headed further south.  We stopped off and on to admire the scenery.  There is no hurry.  Traffic is pretty thick when you near the larger towns.  This area is quite popular with bicyclists, motorcyclists, RVers,, and people driving little yuppie cars.  

Dinner was marinated flank steak and leftover oysters.  The oysters are gone, we’re going to have to buy some more today.  We both agreed that the fresh oysters along the coast are a complete treat.   Haven’t even made it to the scallops yet. 

We are going to visit the lighthouse near Newport this morning and head for Coos Bay.  So far this has been a delightful drive.

About Ken

I am a federal employee that loves to travel. I don't get any time off during the busy salmon tagging season, March through November. So, I save my leave and explore the warmer parts of the world during the winter.
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