Crater Lake and back home

We woke up in Crescent City early Friday morning, it was time to head home.  We packed up and were on the road by seven am.  The drive out of California into Oregon was gorgeous.  There is a long stretch along the something river that is scenic and interesting.  The first part of the trip is through a large grove of redwoods.  As you continue, the trees change species as you climb out of California.  We passed through Grants Pass and skirted Medford, going slightly north of I5.

As we approached Crater Lake we faced a dilemma, where to spend the night.  I had planned staying in the park and enjoying the scenery.  I called in, then came in and the RV park was full.  There were plenty of vacant RV sights all right, but they were covered with many feet of snow.  Only a small section was open.  I had thought to visit the east rim on one day, then drive out on the west rim.  But…the east rim was almost completely snowed in.  Later we would see plowed out snow drifts along the west rim drive up to 25 feet deep!  Snow was 6-8 feet deep near the Mazama Village.

Eager to see the vista,we ate a quick lunch and took off.  And this is what we saw…

The water is a deep blue and the topography is amazing.

As usual, the Golden Mantled ground squirrels were busy working the crowd.  It’s illegal to feed them, but tourists have trouble resisting.  And no, this wasn’t Praxy or me!  I just snapped a picture.

Novia rolls the video camera from a high perch.

At the northernmost overlook, a person could look away from the crater and to the north.  Here is a shot of Mount Thiessen, several miles to the north.

And looking toward the south to the south rim…

I attempted to stitch some larger photos together, but the programs aren’t able to handle the higher resolution shots.  Learned something on that one.

From here is was on to Bend for the night.  The following day was a long drive back to Pomeroy.  A great trip.  Starting in a week I’ll be working on the Idaho trip blog.  Uploads will be sporadic as I’m out in the wilderness for most of the trip.  I’ll get several post ready and load them when I’m in town.  Hope you are enjoying these little trip.

This Oregon blog was the first that I was working on daily.


About Ken

I am a federal employee that loves to travel. I don't get any time off during the busy salmon tagging season, March through November. So, I save my leave and explore the warmer parts of the world during the winter.
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