Day one, sitting in Seattle-My writing may be disjointed!

We are on our way!   We have a 5 hour hangover (thanks to Stacey M. for that term, I love it) in Seattle and I found an electrical outlet and free WIFI.   Korean Air pulled in while I’m sitting here, but here’s our ride…


Airbus A300 sitting on the ground in Seoul.  (I couldn’t photograph it in Seattle, it was at a gate completely away from the terminal and all I could see of it was the tail.)  It never ceases to amaze me.  100 years ago crossing the ocean was time-consuming and dangerous.  Now a person steps on one of these mechanical miracles and zoooom, off you go.  Flying serenely over the graveyard of many an ocean going seaman.

I’m red-eyed and surely they are bloodshot.  I got three hours of sleep last night, in bed at 9:30, woke up at 12:30, and I finally gave up at 1:30.  Spent 2 hours running around cleaning, straitening, and killing time.  Scott drove us to the airport and he didn’t look much more alert than I felt.  We called around 9:30 and he was back in bed.  Lucky guy.  I won’t touch a bed for another 18 hours.  Typing is difficult, I can’t seem to concentrate.

We arrived at the Lewiston airport at 4:45am.  We were a little early, but I like early.  We had some problems getting our luggage checked through, but it finally got sorted out.  We were on time out of Lewiston, but ended up late into Pullman.  There was a medical aircraft on approach in front of us and we ended up circling.  Nearly made it back to Lewiston.   In and out of Pullman, the flight to Seattle was uneventful.  Seatac was crowded in the main lobby, but the south satellite terminal is quite peaceful.  It’s relaxing typing here.

Novia is quite tired as well.  She got no sleep until we were driving to Lewiston.  Then cat-napped on the Horizon flight and she’s been dozing off-and-on here in the terminal.   She had a headache yesterday afternoon and got behind  on her work, then behind on her sleep.  She spent a ton of time getting all 4 luggages as close to 50 lbs. as possible.  We are hauling vitamins, clothes, toys, candies; a bunch of stuff.   Along with our clothes and such.  I’m sure it will be appreciated by her friends and relatives.

I mentioned 11 hours in the air.  I dread it.  We will have a little area with two seats, no room to stand.  That’s it.  Can’t get up too much, there are too many people trying to do the same thing.  It’s almost torture.  I’ve got some sleeping pills and I plan on using them.  Also, Sudokus, crossword puzzles, book, computer, and the flight attendants serve two meals.  I simply NEVER sit still that long, ever.  Unless I’m sick.

I will continue later….

On the jet now.  About one hour from Alaska.  I was exhausted when I got on the flight, but a good meal and a movie has perked me up a bit.  We still have about 9 hours to go.  The dinner was excellent, steak, potatoes, cooked veggies, salad, potato salad, dinner roll, and blueberry cheesecake.  Praxy had the Asian meal, it was tasty and full of red pepper.  I think the kimchi makes people fart.  I tried it, wasn’t the greatest.   And I had gas for hours.

The plane is only 1/4 full.  I was amazed at how few people there are on board.  Praxy has claimed a double seat across the jet and is sacked out.  She says she never sleeps on planes, well, she’s doing a good job of it.  The headache from yesterday returned and she took a Tylenol PM.  Every one of the 4 across seating that I can see has just one person in it.  The one next to me has a guy reading an ebook.  Unlike my last flight west across the Pacific, there is only one baby.  The flight attendants installed mom and baby in bassinet seating and after some fussing, all is quiet.  YAY!

36,000 feet, I just looked out and can’t even see the ocean.  We are traveling 540 mph and the temp outside is a chilly 58 odd below.   We will most likely be early into Incheon.  No headwind whatsoever.

The movie selections and music selections are quite good.  I watched Rio while eating dinner.

Gonna be a long, slow afternoon.  I’m going to take a nap….

(In Cebu)  Some nap.   Two hours later and I was awake.  2 movies later (passing the time) we were approaching Seoul.  We skirted around North Korea and spent a bunch of time crossing the Yellow sea just east of Korea.  It seemed to take forever and it was covered with low clouds.  As we cruised over, I tried to put on my shoes and found that my feet had swollen at least two sizes.  Still a bit swollen today.  Gad, I’m glad I don’t fly that route for a living.   Very windy and rainy in Seoul, the approach was a little rough.  There was a pretty fair crosswind.  Up to the gate and off to security.


Praxy was pretty alert, compared to me; my donkey end was a draggin.  We had to walk about 3/4 on a mile to our new gate, not bad.    The flight from Seoul left on time and we were into Cebu close to on time.  Customs went fine except for the cooler.  An official had to open it up and see if there was any plant or animal material.  Trying to keep out disease and/or insects.  Nope nothing but vita form vitamins and shampoo.  The official got a chuckle and let us through.   There was a hoard of porters trying to help us with our luggage.  That was fine with me.  I was tuckered out.  It was humorous watching their surprise to find that all of those bags weight 50lbs. except for my carryon.  That wasn’t leaving my hands.  Computer and cameras in there.  I tipped them, they earned it.

Vavan, Jane, Lyndon, and my old friend Martin were waiting directly across the street from the main exit door.  I was so glad to see Martin again, at 79 he still gets around pretty good.  After sitting in airports or aluminum tubes for the previous 30 hours, they were a welcome site.  Vavan will be our driver as we wonder around Cebu.  There is simply no way I would consider driving here, at least driving a car as nice as Chona’s.   Martin used to be our tour guide, but he gets tired too easily to keep up with us youngsters for more than a few hours.

Next up, exploring Cebu.  And the answer to the wannabe tinman.

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I am a federal employee that loves to travel. I don't get any time off during the busy salmon tagging season, March through November. So, I save my leave and explore the warmer parts of the world during the winter.
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