Siquijor, Let’s see the sights

As I mentioned, Scott has two motorcycles to rent to guests wanting to explore the island.  After learning I was a very experienced motorcycle rider, he gave me the 125cc Yamaha step through for the day.  400 pesos and you buy the fuel.  Can’t beat it.  So we ate breakfast…

IMG_4610 (1024x683)

Scott’s daughter Chloe is in the background.  I had ham, eggs and potatoes (no potatoes much around here except at MacDonalds, it was a treat) and Scott made Praxy a nice fruit salad.  She looks light and she eats light.  Then, off to the south for the 25 cent tour.

We stopped at Maria for a break.  I liked this little bit of practical artistry.

IMG_4611 (683x1024)

Made from tin cans and a pop bottle, these little lanterns look fully functional and usable.  Unless the heat from the flame pops the glass.  After this, we took off to see the giant Balatal tree that is along the road.  After a few false turns we found it.  No picture to be posted, it was absolutely huge and not a good thing to photograph.  I took several photos and I’ll try to get a panorama up some day.  We also picked up some fuel.  57 pesos for a liter, and two liters last for most of the day on one of the local motorcycles.  Fuel is expensive and precious to the locals.

Off to Cambugahay falls.  This freshwater cascade looked so inviting, we had to take a dip.  Both of us were ready to swim, but the place was gorgeous.  Excepting for the merman.  Sigh…

IMG_4644 (1024x683)

This might be a photo of a local freshwater whale, beached on the rocks.

IMG_4638 (1024x683)

Much better, my wife swims while fortunately the merman takes pictures.

IMG_4649 (1024x683)

DOH!, there he is again.  Cover your eyes!

IMG_4647 (1024x683)

Such a beautiful place.  There were several people show up, but we were the only swimmers.  They don’t know what they missed, it was refreshing and fun.

IMG_4629 (1024x683)

Several pools to choose from.  We might hit it again.  I’ve got the bike for the next two days if I want it.  It would be cool to go here for a picnic and swim for an afternoon.

This area is on the road that crosses over the “mountains” rather than snaking around the coastal road.   There is a young man that has a butterfly refuge near the summit and he has a lot of nice things to see.  The price was a little steep, but I could live with that.  Here are caterpillars, chrysalises and butterflies.

IMG_4658 (1024x683)IMG_4655 (1024x683)IMG_4656 (1024x683)


The leaf looking thing is a very well camouflaged chrysalis.

IMG_4662 (1024x683)

Nice.  Praxy was thirsty afterwards and asked if she could have some coconut.  Our host obliged, sending his brother up the tree for two fresh ones.  Spiderman on Siquijor.

IMG_4671 (683x1024)IMG_4673 (683x1024)IMG_4676 (683x1024)

We sat down for a refreshing and tasty treat.  But soon, off to the coast.IMG_4678 (1024x683)

Not much way to get pictures, the vegetation is dense.  A road cut offered this view of Cebu island.

We stopped in Larena to hit an ATM for cash.  What a hassle and no luck.  After checking our funds, it looks like we barely have enough for the stay here.

When we got back to Firefly, we took a 1/2 snorkel run off the end of the stairs.  Not a lot to see, but it was cooling and fun after sitting on a motorcycle for several hours.

The driving was quite easy here.  There is not a lot of traffic and the locals are friendly and helpful.   Practice up at home and become proficient at riding before tackling the traffic.  The driving rules are always “subject to interpretation”, meaning “you better have your act together”.  I kept the speed below 35 and we had a great day.  Tomorrow we will take another tour and see the beach resorts on the south side of the island.

12/2/2001  5:05pm

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I am a federal employee that loves to travel. I don't get any time off during the busy salmon tagging season, March through November. So, I save my leave and explore the warmer parts of the world during the winter.
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