Siquijor, Paradise Found!

A lot has happened since the last post was written, but I’m having to skip ahead a bit.  I’m excited!  But I’m making a note about the fiestas and cockfight to remind me to come back.  We are at the Firefly Cove Resort in Siquijor, and there just about can’t be a more beautiful tropical place to visit.  I’m sipping a cold beer and writing, Praxy is sacked out on the bed.  Temp is 86F, sweat is rolling down my back, I’m hot, and all is well.

I have a knack for sniffing out unusual, interesting, or off-the-beaten-path points of interest.  It is a skill I have obtained from years of exploring the Idaho back country with Neil.  He and I are fellow workers and good friends.  He taught me a lot, and this time it really paid off in spades (for you bridge players).

I started researching a getaway for Praxy and myself as a gift to her for our second anniversary.   I booked a stateroom on the Superferry from Dumaguete to Manila (coming Dec 15th) but I also wanted a fourth honeymoon away from it all.  Siquijor seemed the logical choice.  The timing was right.  There is a gap between when we arrived in the Philippines and when Dick and Susan would arrive.  It’s handy.  It’s a bit remote.  Sooooo, I started my research.  Here’s a thank you and a plug for   The people that are subscribed on that site have been to places like this before and put in their recommendations.  There were NO negative review about the Firefly Cove Resort, so I decided to take a shot at it.

Two days ago I got online, then cell phone and contacted the owner to reserve a room.  The cost was 3000 php or about $70 per night.   That is for room, food, everything except liquor and pop.  OK, I took four nights.

Dumaguete is like a Cebu light, lots of traffic, honking, noise, chaos, and people.  Leaving Presco’s house was a bit challenging.  We had several loaded bus pass us and finally slipped  (shoe horned) into a Jeepney bound for downtown.  20 of us in a mini pickup.  I smashed my toe and it is still causing me problems.  Raining and a bumpy ride.  Oh well.

Switch to a motortricycle in downtown and off to the ferry terminal.  We hired a porter for 20 pesos (he started at 50 and I said NO WAY) and off we went to buy tickets.  Oops, the ferry left at 9:30 and it was 9:45.  Oh crap (remember that?).  But…there was another ferry leaving at 10.  See, no pictures.  Another scramble.  Scramble, scramble, everything seems to be a scramble while traveling here.  Walk to one ferry.  Nope.  Another.  Nope.  Ah hah!, this is the one that is going at 10.  I had to pay an additional fare, but I didn’t care.  I gladly paid $5 more rather than sit in a hot, boring terminal for 5 hours.  Paid the porter an additional 15 pesos, he earned it.

Whew, time for a picture…

IMG_4591 (1024x683)

Inside the ferry; us in with the locals heading for Siquijor.  Some Austrians bound for Siquijor came in and the lady was over 6-6.  She had to bend over to walk.  And out on the deck, Siquijor is getting closer.

IMG_4596 (1024x683)

Getting close after a 30 minute ride.  Asking the passengers, no one had heard of this “Firefly” place.  Uh oh.  But I stuck to my guns.  We got off the boat and got a light lunch.  At the restaurant; “Huh?, Firefly cove?”   Hired a tricycle for 400 pesos.  The driver said, “On a cliff with no beach.”  Praxy was concerned; “We can spend a night and leave.”  I hung in there with fingers crossed.  40 minutes and we were there.  The gate opened and…Paradise Found!

The place was immaculate.  Scott, the owner, is from Los Angeles.  He knows what Americans are looking for and the price is right.  He couldn’t be happier to be here rather than southern California.  Same for me.  As we exchanged uncomplimentary comments about “LA”, Praxy took in with her eyes the wonderful resort we had found tucked away on the northeast side of the island.  Then, with that beautiful beaming smile reserved only for me, my wife kissed, hugged, and thanked me.  She was SO so pleased.  That made all my planning, thinking, and last minute stewing  and sweating worthwhile.

Anything for my wonderful and loving wife.  She so deserves it.

Out the door or our room looking to the ocean…

IMG_4598 (1024x683)

The cottage

IMG_4601 (1024x683)

Bohol Island off in the distance.

IMG_4604 (1024x683)

The dining area and office is above our cabin in the foreground.IMG_4607 (1024x683)

The beach.  Or well, not quite.  This is the access to the ocean.

IMG_4602 (1024x683)

Siquijor has the same situation that many areas have, few good beaches.  But this is fine as far as I’m concerned.  There is swimming and it is decent, but not great.  Supposedly there is a nice beach a short walk down the road.  We will see a ton of “perfect” beaches later on.  After all we have over 6 more weeks to go.

Little, if anything, going on here at the resort.  This place is for relaxation.  Nightlife, discos, parties, glitz, noise, traffic; NOPE!  Go to Manila or Cebu.

If you want to explore, motorcycles can be rented from the resort for 400 pesos a day or about $9.25, you buy your own fuel.    We are off to see the sights tomorrow.

I’ve been looking forward to this since I got back to Pomeroy from the Idaho trip.


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I am a federal employee that loves to travel. I don't get any time off during the busy salmon tagging season, March through November. So, I save my leave and explore the warmer parts of the world during the winter.
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