Life is so simple in Bulado…

12/8 at 9:00 in the morning.  Praxy is reading next to me, everyone else seems to be quietly occupying themselves around the house.  I’m going back a bit, a look into some of the little things that make things so specials here.

IMG_4688 (1024x683)

This is an old grinding mill used for corn or rice.  It was sitting at the Coco Grove on Siquijor and Praxy pointed it out to me.  One of her fondest memories is feeding rice gradually into the hole on top while her mother turned the crank, which is the wooden handle on the left.  The flour comes out a little hole somewhere on the side.  If I can find one, I’ll see if it fits in my suitcase…

IMG_4733 (1024x683)

Two kids fishing off the Bulado pier.  They are using some rounds of bamboo as a reel, with the usual nylon line and fishhooks.  Anything that gets on the hook is kept, no matter how small.  Some of those little fish just have to be nothing but bones.  Dad was nearby, but this young girl did the best while I was there.  She was patient and watchful, no fish that bit could get away.  The bait looked like the same type of “angle worms” that we have in our yards back in the states.  These kids either were skipping school or had dropped out.  Sad.

IMG_4748 (1024x684)

Praxy and Jessa in the little boat out in front of the house.  I don’t know why, but they swam it back in…I found out why, they were warm and wanted to go for a swim.

IMG_4753 (1024x683)

Jess is a radiology technician living in Atlanta and is married to a Sri Lankan.  He teaches tennis, sounds like he’s good enough to make a living at it.   But, he is having trouble getting a visa to visit the Philippines.  Sri Lankans are on the watch list and they HAVE to have the visa lined out before they are allowed into the country.  He flew in last year and was refused admission, and was sent packing on the next flight the following morning.  It didn’t matter he was OK’ed in the US.  Sri Lanka has a large Muslim population, and the Muslims in Mindanao are always fighting the Philippine army.  So, unfortunately, guilty by possible association.

I would have liked to met him, maybe some day.  I met some Sri Lankans back in my Cascade Airways days and they were exceptionally nice people.

While I was typing away, Dick got busy and

IMG_4768 (1024x683)

hung up the hammock.  Oh man, now I’ve got another place to lounge.  The stress is starting to get to me.  So many ways to relax, I don’t know which one to choose.  I’ll have to break out the Microsoft calendar on my computer to set up a schedule.  Let’s see; beach, ocean, pool, pier, resort, chair, couch, shady spot, hammock, motel, cabana, bed.  Hmmm.

Just had a man walk up with a guitar and play a couple of Christmas carols.  He was good, I flipped 5 pesos his way from about 15 feet, I didn’t have my outside sandals handy.  Perfect shot, but he fumbled and then recovered.  Carolers come by often.

While on the pier, I ran across people drying seaweed for cattle feed.  They said it was good for the cows, and I mentioned some of the minerals in seaweed.  They seemed surprised, they knew it was good for the cows, but I felt they didn’t know why.

IMG_4728 (1024x683)

Kick it into a pile with the sandals, and pack it into empty cement bags.  And haul it off to the skinniest cows I’ve ever seen.  Not much beef for sale around here.  The cows don’t have any meat on them.

Next morning…

Rained 1 1/4 inches last night, but no problem.  Water runs away around here like it does off of a duck’s back.  Makes it hard to dry clothes.  Ours are in the garage with a fan on them.  After two days some are still wet.   I harvested the shirt I’m wearing today damp and it’s hasn’t dried out a couple of hours later.   I emptied the rain gauge, curious to see what we get by tomorrow morning.

Monday and yesterday, a manicurist came by and did all of our nails. 

IMG_4767 (1024x683)

Emma is even more petite than Praxy, this is a picture of her working on Susan’s hand.  I don’t think she is even 4’8”, but she has a nice niche carved out, at least with us.  My left big toe is a fright (I’m not pleased with a certain podiatrist in the US), and she cleaned it up gently and professionally.  Manicure and pedicure for 50 pesos, or about $1.15.  As good as anything in the states.  Good money in this area.  She also got lunch.  Did I mention that services are cheap here in the Philippines?

The 115 kilometer bus ride from Dumaguete to here was 210 pesos for the two of us, $4.83.  We splurged for the freshwater swim the another day at 550 pesos, $12.67 for 6 of us.  From here to Guihulngan, 9 kilometers, is 12 pesos per person on a motor tricycle, 46 cents each.  Praxy’s hair straitening treatment yesterday cost 300 pesos, $6.91.  It feels like I’m taking advantage of people, but they want and need the business. 

Praxy and I decided while I was writing this to got to Bacolod for a night, then to San Carlos for a second night.  Dick and Susan will be gone for three days taking Jessa back to Cebu for her flight back to Atlanta.  There is a new road over the mountains from San Carlos to Bacolod that is a beautiful drive in a Ceres Liner.  I hope the driver isn’t too wild!

12/9/2011  9:49am

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