Day 12-Half Moon Cay

Half Moon Cay, or Little San Salvador on the map, is a small island that Carnival Corporation has purchased from the Republic of the Bahamas.  It’s maybe 12 miles long and about a mile or so wide.  The best beach is crescent shaped, hence the name.  It is simply beautiful.

We followed the Zuiderdam for about 20 miles as we approached.  They were allowed to tender first since there time here was rather short.  And the fun began.

It is 8:15am on the 12th day out and the water has been rough for three days.

H windy day (1024x683)

Seas are maybe 7-10 feet with 30 mph winds.  There are not near as many passengers running around, many are probably sick.  Many more are probably afraid of falling.  This cruise has the oldest crowd of all my cruises so far.  Lots of canes, walkers and scooters.  Best thing to do in this type of weather is stay put.  I’ve seen several people nearly go down.

Back to the tenders.  The tenders were bobbing around like corks.  It took a long time for our boarding number to be called.  Because…someone went into the water.  He was trying to step into the tender, missed the step, and fell into the ocean.  The rescue took a while, the water was so rough that they had to keep the tender away from the man while trying to pull him back onto the platform.  It took two crew members jumping into the water and one was exhausted by the effort.  But all went well and everyone was OK.

The older crowd and heavyish people made the loading slow when our number was called.  Praxy and I had no problem, she is nimble and my roller skating skills really pay off in situations like this.  We got seated just fine, but a lady behind us went down and got a nasty cut on her shin.  In my opinion, she had no business leaving the ship.  She was about 100lbs over weight.  Oh well.

A rough ride in, but it went fine.  The docks are very sheltered and the warm day in the sun began.

H welcome (1024x683)

Light breezed, 80 degrees, what more could a person ask for?  I didn’t take a lot of pictures, there will be a ton on the web.  I was more interested in swimming, relaxing, and the Bar-B-Que that was coming up at noon.

H Ryndam (1024x683)

The Ryndam at anchor.

H Zuiderdam (1024x683)

The Zuiderdam is a bit larger with more veranda cabins.  After they left at about 2pm, the beach was pretty close to empty.

H where to now (683x1024)

I always get a kick out of this type of sign post.    I liked the North Pole sign, so I photographed this side.  After all, it’s about Christmas time.

H me working hard (1024x683)

Here is the author of this blog, working hard.  Thinking about……nothing.  Writing about….nothing.  But I now wish that I was more alert.

The horn sounded on the Zuiderdam indicating it was time to leave.  But they didn’t move.  Suddenly a commotion started up two “clam shells” away.  An older man had gotten stuck in one of the hammocks and couldn’t move.  I have no idea how long he had been there, Praxy noticed him “kneeling” for quite a while.  There was blood on him and it was nearly dried.   I figure he had hit one of the wooden anchor stakes when he fell.  Through all this, he never made a sound.  How was I to know and I was less than 15 feet away?  But I still feel bad.  The lifeguards hauled him off to the little infirmary on the island and fortunately the nurse from the Ryndam was still on shore. 

I asked at the clinic yesterday as to how he was doing.  The receptionist said that he wasn’t from this ship, but seemed to be doing OK.  I hate this “privacy” crap, but I understand the need for it.  Lawyers.  It would have been nice to know if he was truly OK or not, though.  After all, Praxy and I helped getting him away.  If it wasn’t for Praxy, he may have lost his glasses.  Oh well.

But the adventure brought something to my attention.  I have GOT to keep alert and watch out for my fellow passengers.  I will now be paying close attention to their well being.  There is only ONE minor person on this ship, the cute little 4 year old girl.  I figure the average age of the passengers is somewhere around 70.  Praxy and I are young’uns.   It’s up to us to be two other sets of eyes for the crew.  Heaving decks, stairs, and age are big hazardous for our fellow guests.

But us young’uns are having a good time.  There wasn’t enough people on the Bioluminescent Bay tour so it was cancelled.  Bummer, I was looking forward to it.  The plan now is for Praxy and I to walk around San Juan and see what we want to do.  I will upload all my blogs to date if possible.  Hope you all are enjoying reading about our trip.  I’ve had trouble making time to write.  Been too busy relaxing and having fun.

Looks like we will have rain today.  I’ll break out the ponchos.

12/13/12  9:00am

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