Days 9, 10, and 11-Sea days and Tampa

I mentioned about our arrival and on time departure in Tampa, so I won’t repeat it.  But I will mention something we totally enjoyed, the Tampa aquarium near the Carnival cruise dock. 

Customs requires that all passengers leave the ship until clearance is complete.  Some people hang around in the terminal, but the aquarium seemed to be more interesting.  It was a short walk away from the Ryndam, about 20 minutes.  There is a $5 discount for cruise passengers in transit.

T ray tank (1024x683)

Just inside the door is the ray tank.  They sail around and invite you to touch their wingtips.  I don’t know if they can sting so I played it safe and stayed away from the tails.

T curious turtle (1024x683)

This sea turtle was very very curious.  It may have been waiting for breakfast.

T larger ray (1024x683)

The under side of a much larger ray.

T novia and toddler (1024x683)

Novia shares the view with a toddler.

T shark (683x1024)

Whoa, SHARK! 

T novia with channel cat (1024x683)

Channel catfish.

T novia with spoonbill (1024x683)

Roseate spoonbill.  Kind of like a duck on stilts.

T odd fish (1024x683)

Can’t remember what these colorful fish were called.

T toadfish again (1024x683)

A toad fish.

T touch tank (1024x691)

The touching tank.  It is filled with sea anemones and starfish.  The pink anemones at the back have a painful sting, the white ones in front can’t sting through human skin.

T towel squid (1024x683)

Afterwards, back to our cabin.  This squid may have stowed away from the aquarium.  We returned to the ship a little after noon.  The remainder of the day was kind of like the “sea day” that I will describe below.  But first, leaving Tampa the second time.

T me and the Legend (1024x683)

The Carnival Legend.  The first people on board arrived a 7:40pm.  Only about 8 hours late.

T Tampa skyline (1024x683)

The Tampa skyline as we left port.

T chocolate gift (1024x683)

We returned to our room and found chocolates had arrived.  A little memento of our continued voyage.

I’m going to now describe a sea day for a bit.  

Obviously, a ship traveling at 20 miles per hour doesn’t get somewhere quite as fast as a jet.  So there are days at sea.  We are now enroute from Half Moon Cay to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  It is the Cruise Director’s job to try to entertain the guests on these days.  He comes up with a list, you choose all or none depending on your tastes.

M daily schedule (683x1024)

There is a little bit of everything, you can check off your preferences.  Or do your own thing.  Most of these activities are free once you pay to get on the ship.  On this day I…

1. Started catching up on my blog at 8:30am.

2.  Went to the transfer briefing that described the procedures for a continuing voyage.  This wasn’t listed in the program as there was only about 100 of us going on the 7 day then 14 day extension.  This meeting was in the theatre.

3. Played the “Win-a-cruise bingo.  Cost $20 and I was one number off from winning the free cruise.

4. Went for a swim in the Lido pool and soaked in the hot tub.

5. Ate a burger and fries at the Terrace Grill.  The hamburgers are decent, the fries are outstanding.  Few places truly know how to cook fries properly.

6. Returned to my room and finished the Honduras blog.

7. Team Trivia at 3:00pm.  The prizes are usually a “Holland America” pin for your shirt.  Since this was the last day they had coffee mugs.  We lost by one point.  Ratz.

8. Back to my room to work on the Guatemala blog.

9. Ate a light dinner.

10.  Pub trivia.

11.  10:00pm, I missed the Karaoke.   ESPN2 was showing the Gonzaga-Illinois game and I watched that until midnight.

Praxy and I also walked around the decks a couple of times for exercise.

12/13/12  8:10 am

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I am a federal employee that loves to travel. I don't get any time off during the busy salmon tagging season, March through November. So, I save my leave and explore the warmer parts of the world during the winter.
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