Odds and Ends

I’m going through my stuff and coming up with the odd things that didn’t make my blog.

Total distance the ship traveled on the 14 day segment was about 3740 nautical miles, which is about 4300 statute miles for us landlubbers.  Or about 6919 kilometers for my readers in the Philippines.  I cannot find a cruise log for the first seven day segment.  It was probably about 2,000 miles as well.  We were steaming about the same amount of time.  So the total distance was somewhere around 6,000 to 6,500 miles.  Ships don’t go fast, but they go steady for long periods of time.  It doesn’t seem that far when you are on board, but the numbers add up!

At Costa Maya Mexico, I mentioned I got to swim with a dolphin.  One picture is posted as my profile picture on Facebook, but there were several others that I bought.  I couldn’t do much with the pictures until I got home, they were on a DVD and my little netbook computer does not have a CD or DVD reader.   Getting the pictures from an internet cafe seemed to be a hassle, so I decided to wait and post when we got home.  Here they are.

Kissing the dolphin (1024x680) Dolphin kisses Ken (1024x680) Dancing w dolphin (1024x680)

As you can see, I was having a blast.  Some of the pictures that I didn’t post looked like I was scared or nervous.  That was not the case.  The dolphin trainer was giving me instructions and I was concentrating on what he was saying.   I never felt that there was the least little bit of danger.

The dolphin was a perfect gentleman.  And I say gentleman.  The dolphin’s name was Eddie.  The female dolphin didn’t seem to want to perform at the moment.  But she joined up with the other two in the tank and they gave me a flying send off.  Pretty amazing animals.   They weren’t as big as I thought they would be.  Maybe 300lbs or so.

I went through my pictures and came up with something else that is kinda cool.  The little animals that the room stewards make at bedtime for the passenger’s amusement.  Novia just LOVES these little surprises in the evening.  You can tell by the delighted smiles.

Towel aardvark (1024x683)

An aardvark.

Towel aardvark with jewelry (1024x683)

Praxy had to bling her aardvark up a bit.

Towel bear (1024x683)

I think this is a bear.

Towel butterfly (1024x683)

A very large butterfly.

Towel dog (1024x683)

A doggie.

Towel monkey 2 (683x1024)

A spider monkey hanging in our room on the last formal night.

Towel pig (683x1024)

Another formal night visitor.  We aren’t sure about this one.  A pig?  The snout looks right.

Towel scorpion (1024x683)

Watch out for the sting, a vicious looking scorpion.

Towel seal (683x1024)

A seal.

Towel seal 2009 (1024x683)

On our honeymoon cruise, this larger seal greeted us after a formal dinner.

Towel small monkey (1024x683)

This trip, a monkey greeted us on the first formal night.

Towel snake (1024x683)


Towel squid (1024x683)

And last, a squid.

There are a several books available on how to fold these adorable creatures.   Also instructions for free on line.

If I find anything else, I’ll add it here.

12/27/12  4:30pm

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I am a federal employee that loves to travel. I don't get any time off during the busy salmon tagging season, March through November. So, I save my leave and explore the warmer parts of the world during the winter.
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  1. mary says:

    Wonderful pictures!

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