Not much time left

10/18- (The 10/14/13 earthquake in Bohol will have no effect on our travels.  We do not plan to visit that area.  I contacted a friend in Cebu via Facebook.  No one that I know personally was injured.)

2 and 1/2 weeks until Praxy leaves and 3 and 1/2 weeks until I leave.   I’m starting to get very serious about the final plans.  Sometime over the next week, Praxy and I have to completely pack our suitcases.  Everything.

Two reasons.  One; to see if everything will fit.  We are each planning to take one large and one small suitcase.  The smaller one could be a carry-on.  But, with the stopover in Korea, we may need more space.  The weather may be quite cold and we will need warm clothing and that may mean one of us may have to check two large bags.  So… two; after the bags are packed, we will have to unpack and rearrange the cold weather clothing into one place.  This bag will be left in Mactan until we depart the Philippines for Seoul.  I don’t even want to open that bag until Korea.  The question, will the cold weather cloths fit in a small bag or will they have to go in a large one?

I plan on bringing our warm clothing when I come over so Praxy doesn’t have to mess with it.  I have more time in Cebu and it makes sense for me to wrestle with the luggage.  Also, I’m a lot better at lugging around heavy items.   50 lbs. isn’t much to me, but that is quite a bit of weight for my wife.  Two fifty pounders?  Well, they will weight as much combined as she does!

I don’t want Praxy to have to deal with anything extra.  She isn’t really used to traveling by herself and will need to concentrate on the business at hand.  I will prepare all the paperwork, boarding passes, receipts, visa information, and transfer information before she leaves and put it in one place.  Hopefully, her flights depart on time (like our last trip) and everything goes smoothly.  If there has to be a hassle, I hope that I get the hassle rather than her.  I am used to traveling and airline procedures.

10/21-Trouble, but not really my problem and certainly not a serious problem.  These things happen.  Horizon Air has cancelled their 6:00am flight on Sunday October 3.  Their computer booked Praxy on the next flight departing at 6:00pm.  The wrinkle in that plan is; Asiana 271 departs Seattle at 2:00pm.  You would think that Alaska Air would have enough sense to throw that change into a queue and alert the the reservations department so they could alert the displaced passengers.  Nope, I spotted it when I was printing itineraries this morning.  There is a 9:30am flight out of Spokane to Seattle, I’m going to insist on getting this flight.  I haven’t heard back from my travel agent yet.  She seems inexperienced and a bit confused, I have a better grasp on this situation than she does.   Not surprising that I’m quicker on this.  I had to deal with problems like this almost daily with Cascade Airways.

Back to Bohol.  There was considerable damage on Batasan island, a place that I visited in 2005.  It is about 4.5 miles from Tubigon, Bohol, a little strip of land about 1/2 miles long and 100-200 yards across.  A friend’s house was badly damaged by the original quake.   Her nephew posted a couple of videos on youtube two days ago showing that the house was severely weakened and in danger of collapse.  Two aftershocks yesterday measuring 5.4 and 5.2 finished the job, 1/2 of the house partially collapsed.  I’ve asked her about it and she gave me a link to the Philippine national news.  A news reporter  visited the island and it made TV across the country. (Video from the Philippines) Batasan seems to be slowly sinking and may have to be abandoned!  She says she may rebuild if the island stabilizes.

501b Bohol pump boatsThis is how you get to Batasan.

501c Our boat to BatassanOur boat.  See the bottle of water?  Yep, we were prepared.

501l Nightly singalongAn evening sing-a-long in the cabana out back.  The young guitar player was quite good.  He was mortified when a string on his guitar broke.  We had a lot of fun.  I couldn’t sing with them because the songs were mostly in Cebano.  I still remember Victor singing a song.  He was REALLY into it.

501m Victor sings to usA great memory.  I have trouble remembering names, but I will never forget him!  I bought a gallon of the local alcoholic drink, tubak.  It was terrible, so I gave it to the singers and bought myself a 5th of rum.  It was expensive, $1.50 as compared to $1.30 in Cebu.  They wouldn’t touch the rum.

501n Waterworks on BatassanNo fresh water on the island, so bathing and drinking water comes from the sky and is collected in cairns.

501x Batassan tidal flatsLooking toward Bohol.

502a Main StreetMain street, Batasan island.

502e Mooring areasThe port district.

501g Kitchen at BatassanInside the kitchen of my friend’s house.  Sadly, this is now in ruins.

We were warmly welcomed and treated like royalty on the island. Too bad that there is nothing to do there once you walk the main street.  It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to go back.  This may soon truly be a “place you may never see”…

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I am a federal employee that loves to travel. I don't get any time off during the busy salmon tagging season, March through November. So, I save my leave and explore the warmer parts of the world during the winter.
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