Going to the Philippines again, time to update

This will be a very short post, I will add a more complete entry soon.  I’m quite busy at the moment on the job and at home.

The weather in the Pacific northwest has been brutally hot this year, many days of temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit.   The hottest I saw at our house was a blistering 110.3!   So…we have been collecting sockeye salmon at the fish trap where I work, Lower Granite dam, and Idaho Fish and Game has been hauling them to their new hatchery near Eagle, Idaho.  It has been hard work, but rewarding.  So far, 16 adult sockeye salmon have been sent south.  Their health is ok, but they are starting to show signs of stress from the warm water temperatures.  Sockeye are best when in 50 degree water, but they are having to deal with temperatures over 75.   Fortunately, the severe heat has eased and all the fish are looking better.

Enough of this.  The sockeye are traveling to southern Idaho.

Yesterday I went to Colfax, WA to visit my doctor.  Nothing serious, (yet) but I’m struggling with what may be carpal tunnel inflammation in my right arm.    On the way, I stopped at the local used book store, Main Street Books.  The store owner had an almost complete set of used Harry Potter books and I bought them all on the spot.  As I was paying, I mentioned these books were going to our library in Asgad, Salcedo, Eastern Samar, Philippines.   She asked me for a few details and I told her of our (Praxy and mine) plans and what we needed.   Books.  Especially school textbooks and children’s reading books.

Judi at “And Books, too!” in Clarkston, WA had been saving what she had over the last few months.  Those books were wonderful, but tended to run mostly to adult fiction.    We needed more variety.  And that “variety” is “luck of the draw” when people are donating books.  But today we hit a windfall.

Someone in Colfax had been collecting school textbooks.  Math, reading, science.  And gave them all to Joann at Main Street Books.   She couldn’t sell them and had no idea what to do with them.  She had a few math textbooks in the free basket on the sidewalk.  I grabbed them in ecstasy.  Finally, school books for the Philippines!

Today Joann called while I was at work.  After going though box after box of books, she had 5 boxes of school textbooks and another two of children’s reading primers and story books.  Plus a box of bibles.  They were free for the taking.  Praxy and I drove up and picked them all up.  We are floating on air!

You see, schools in the outlying barrios in the Philippines tend to have maybe a half a dozen textbooks.  The teacher gets the book.  The students get the lessons.  In some schools, the teachers pass a couple of textbooks back and forth, with each teacher having the book for a day or two at a time for lesson planning.

Textbooks are worth their weight in gold to the teachers.

Now throw in the devastation caused by typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).   Many books were destroyed along with the schools in the barrios.  The little town of Jagnaya, near Asgad, was leveled with many human casualties.  I’m sure there are other schools in need.

These books will be doled out by the school principal in Asgad, to whatever schools need them in whatever town.  We will contact our teacher cousin in Can-Avid and find out if they need some as well.    We can then distribute the books as we travel around the island.  Although these books are 30 years old, they are a treasure.

The other books?  They are going to our new house in Asgad.   I’ll post pictures of the house when I find them.  They are misplaced at the moment.  The locals will pass books around, I’m sure those books will travel far and then return home to Asgad.  No local inhabitant would think of not returning a book home.

Again, many thanks to these two wonderful store owners that are helping to make people’s lives better in the Philippines.

If anyone reading this post has something they think is worth donating, please leave a comment on this blog and I will get back to you.   We have about 7 boxes of books already.   They will be shipped in August 2015 for December delivery to Eastern Samar.   Money donations are OK as well as each box costs $65 USD to anywhere in the Philippines.   We can afford it, but…it adds up.

We leave on November 29th for the Philippines and will arrive in Salcedo/Asgad sometime early in December.  Follow this blog for updates.  Internet service is sparse, but I will be here when I have access, giving my readers a look into one of those out-of-the-way locales that attract me, Another Place You May never Get to See.

7/16/2015  6:25pm

Found the pictures.  They aren’t the greatest.

10407209_910751365623201_2242929526087165292_n Asgad house 3 Asgad house2

We will have to install bookshelves as well as purchase furniture.  If you look at the older posts, you’ll find out about the old beach house, the one destroyed by Yolanda.

A German purchased land away from the ocean and built new houses for the people whose houses were destroyed or unlivable.   Very nice of him.  The locals decided that Praxy should have a house, one to replace her old one.  That old one was built as a retirement house for her parents.  We don’t need the house, but we appreciate it for sure.  Our payment to the local people is a library and aid to the local grade school.

7/17  7:20am



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