A day from Cebu to Can-Avid

Yes, one whole day.  Exhausting.

Now that we were finally in the terminal, time for coffee.  Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and two goodies a piece.  The donuts were not really fresh, a disappointment.   The coffee was something special and very difficult to find, real brewed coffee.  Strong enough to float a soup spoon, we added water for a delicious treat.  Praxy gave up on hers so I got both cups.  Yummy!  Won’t see that again for six weeks or so.   Most everyone drinks 3-in-1 coffee, little packets with coffee, ersatz creamer, and sugar.  One serviing.  Some drink 8-in-1, whatever that is.  Tastes the same to me.  Ground coffee does not keep well in this country due to the heat and humidity.

We sat down to wait for our flight and a cano came in with his wife.  We got to chatting, come to find out he has invented a new type of knee brace that will revolutionize knee rehab for many patients.   I’m not going into details, but I know this will work.  I’ve helped rehabs someone’s knees several times and I know what that person went through.  This would have helped that person a ton on operation number two!

There is nothing in the world like it and he holds the patent pending.  This invention will make him rich.  Sooner or later.  He makes big money per brace with a machinist friend building them in his shop.  He has sold five to insurance companies and makes well over four figures on each one.    I’m seriously thinking about investing.  Waiting to get some advice.  Big risk, but if I can invest and he sells it…5% royalties will be huge.

Yeah, dream on, Ken.

I kind of have the money, so I still might yet jump at it.  Pending a careful investigation and some legal protection of course.  I’d have to visit him and his shop and see for myself and make sure this is legit.  My relatives and friends know just how careful I am with my finances.   We’ll see when I return to the states.

OK, back to reality.  Our flight was a little late leaving, but that is to be expected in the Philippines.  Not a problem.  The choices were a 45 minute flight or…

Take a cab to the ferry terminal.  It’s a longer ride to the ferry vs. the airport, but we’ll assume both leave Cebu at about the same time.  Catch the fast catamaran out of Cebu.  3 1/2 hours to Ormoc.  Then another three hour ride by van or bus to Tacloban.

It was about $110usd to fly us and our baggage.  The ferry and van would be somewhere around $60 and take almost a whole day.  A no brainer.  But to fly cheaply, everything has to be done in advance, done correctly, and done to your advantage.  Being a former airline employee and travel agent has it’s advantages.

Once in Tacloban, we got our luggage and met up with our ride easily.  Then, off to see Pym in the hospital with his mangled leg.  He had got run into while riding his motorcycle and pitched off.  Then a tricycle ran over his leg.  It was swollen, bruised, and bloodied.  He and his wife were sitting in the room waiting for the reading of Xrays.  Nothing to do for him and the hospital does NOT serve food to patients.  It’s up to the family to feed the patient.  So we took off for a mall to pick up lunch for everyone.


And, here we are.  The Inasal restaurant wasn’t open yet, so I bought a couple of scratch tickets while waiting.  Broke even.  The cafe finally opened and left me with a baffling dilemma.  What to order.


What would you order?  Yep, the chicken.   Choose the sisig?  Big mistake, tripe.  Lucky for me, Praxy could interpret.  We had the chicken and split a yummy “white halo halo” for dessert.  Halo halo is literally a “mix mix” of sweet goodies, finely ground ice, and sweet cream in a glass eaten with a spoon.   See my post from Gihulgan (spelling), Negros “Mama’s “rich man’s” halo halo.  Still the best I’ve found anywhere.


Praxy can’t pass up items with white flour, sugar and eggs, so here she is picking up some cake and sweet things for the family.  And a nice treat for Pym and his wife to hopefully cheer them up.  It did.

We got back to the hospital and found that the ankle was badly sprained with a nice case of road rash.  I expect them back here in the house in about 3 more hours.  Amado and Peter went to pick them up.


A quick stop on the way out of town to see another relative and favorite of mine, Agah.  Here he is, looking quite dapper in his school uniform.  We only had five minutes as he was soon to be off to class.  He graduates next March, a degree in pharmacy with excellent grades.  He will continue in school for a Doctorate in some sort of medical research laboratory degree.  I teased him about wanting to be a white lab rat…Rotten of me.

So we left Tacloban at 12noon or so.  Two choices of how to get to Can-Avid.  Sound a bit familiar?  1.  Take the direct route over the mountains.  While shorter, the road construction makes it a five hour trip right now.  They found that out taking Pym to the hospital the night before, arriving at 2:30 in the morning.  Terrible road.  2.  Take the long way around through Borongan.  5 hours on relatively smooth roads.  The winner?  Choice two.  Peter drives way way to fast in my opinion and there was no way to get pictures as I was in the back seat.  No matter, it was scary looking out the windshield.  We did stop for a brief break at the intersection for Guiuan and Borongan and I snapped a quick picture.  Only one of the trip.


Amado standing next to the pickup.   It was loaded to the gills with luggage.  We had to put the carry ons in the back seat with us.  No room in the bed, the four checked luggages took care of that!

I’ll be driving back through here in about 4 days or so.  Taking my time and stopping wherever there seems to be something interesting.  Five hours into the trip and Can-Avid.  We took a quick walk in the gathering darkness to try to ease the flat spots on our butts.


Along the shore.

We turned in early, I slept the best I’ve slept in months.  Through barking dogs, revving motorcycles, and crowing rooster.  Praxy was amazed.  Nice to be shed of the sinus infection and the long day of travel had done me in.

Going to take a break.   Back soon.

4:00pm  12/5/2015  Can-Avid, Eastern Samar, Philippines






About Ken

I am a federal employee that loves to travel. I don't get any time off during the busy salmon tagging season, March through November. So, I save my leave and explore the warmer parts of the world during the winter.
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