Flinders Ranges Part 2

Next morning, up at 6.  No restaurants, so we took off.  Finally ended up in a little town called Hawker at 9:30am.  We needed gas and brekkie.  Had to wait until 10:00am for the only café in town to open.



These are photos of his photos of a kangaroo that kept getting on his tin roof.  Very odd.  Graeme had never heard anything like it.  I wouldn’t have believed this unless I’d seen the photos.

I’m going to have to go off topic for a bit here.  The crotchety old boy that owns the place cornered me, looked me strait in the eye, and demanded, “Are you a Trumpie?”

Dozens of Aussies have asked me point blank if I voted for Hillary or Trump.   Gas stations, wine tasting, supermarkets, restaurants, along the street, on the train, at the parade, everywhere I get questioned.  People are very direct here.

Anyone that knows me knows who I voted for.  Reading my blog would should probably confirm it.  My writing style and subject matter might be a good hint.  At any rate, I’ve only found one Aussie that liked Hillary.   Many don’t like Trump, but almost agree with one another.  “He was the better choice.”

They all have the same thought about our last election as I do.  Trump is going to stir the pot.  And the political pot in the US needed stirring.  Badly.  The stagnation was really starting to stink.  We’ll see what we’ve got by the end of February.

After breakfast, we took off north for the west entrance to Flinders Ranges.  And the mountains looked pretty imposing.


Here we are at the west entrance.  10 kilometers of dirt road to get here.


The Ranges consists of tilted layers of sedimentary rocks from 520 to 650 million years old, Cambrian to Precambrian.  That’s some old rocks.


Pre life type of rocks.


Weird looking stuff.  How the Brachina gorge got cut through these hard layers is beyond me.


I took off and walked ahead of the car during a rest stop.  I wanted to see, hear, smell, and feel the canyon without the car.  Walked about 2 miles.  Got warm and thirsty.


A surprising amount of water in the gorge.  This has been the coldest, wettest winter in over 70 years.   Here they are catching up to me.

I smelled the trees, heard the birds and insects, felt the wind and warm weather.  Nice.  Scared up two little groups of kangaroos.  They and a few birds were my only company.  Oh yeah, a Toyota Land Cruiser went by.

Back in the car, a treat was in store a little further down the track.  A family of wild emus drinking and grazing.



Daddy and six little ones.   None of them seemed the least bit concerned about me taking pictures over the hood of the car.  Not that I would try to get close.  Daddy might give me a swift kick.  I don’t think birdshot would work on these.  I think you’re looking at buckshot to bring one these babies down.


A sandstone pig, maybe?  A lizard?

Out of the park after a two hour crossing, we went to an overlook.  It was entertaining as half of the bushes around us, at least the bigger bushes, had a roo resting under it.


The last one was right next to the road with two others.  It still looked half asleep after it bolted about 10 feet.  10 lazy feet.


Looking south towards Adelaide.


The southern end of the Flinders Ranges.

After a while you pick up bumps and ears that turn into kangaroos as you get closer.  They are quite a nuisance at night, many get road killed.  Also saw a couple of road killed emus.  That’s odd looking.  More strange things.  A “sleepy” lizard crawled across the road once, and I spotted what could only be a bearded dragon along the roadside, alive.  Funny looking creatures.

It was a very long drive back to Adelaide, we arrived at about 9:30pm.   Rather ordinary looking scenery, not much by way of pictures that were interesting.  There is a very odd tower in Port Wakefield that caught our attention.

Odd tower resized

There are grain silos nearby and what looks like tenement houses.    It may be a lighthouse, but that is a stretch given the distance from the nearest rocky shoreline.  Whatever it is, there it sits.  Maybe a guide for UFO’s?

12/23/2016  2:30pm


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I am a federal employee that loves to travel. I don't get any time off during the busy salmon tagging season, March through November. So, I save my leave and explore the warmer parts of the world during the winter.
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