Day five, time to say goodbye to Kangaroo Island

Up early as usual.  Pack, clean, and organize.  Feed the bird.  No rushing.  We got out a 9am heading for the ferry at Penneshaw.

We figured we’d be there early enough to walk around and do some sight seeing as our ferry was scheduled for 11:30.  But, we were there in time to make the 10am ferry.  Was there room?  Yep.  Cool!  More time for me to get the rental car back on time.  Here comes our ride!



Praxy watches and waits from a bench.


Buses waiting for the next round of tourists.


Inside the terminal, passengers wait.


Ben waits in line.


And the beautiful sand beach at Penneshaw waits for pictures and footprints.  The sand on this island is incredible.

The island waits as well.  To show off it’s amazing beauty.  There is no rush here.  Unless a visitor wants to rush.  Total relaxation.

I’ll miss it.

Shoehorned Ben onto the ferry.  The crew is very adept at assembling cars into a jigsaw puzzle.  Space is money in this business. 

We enjoyed the leisurely cruise across the channel, sitting at the front of the ferry and watching the mainland approach.  Seas were a little choppy as another series of rain storms approached the area (rain today on 12/14). 

On arrival at Cape Jervis, time to unload Ben.  Driver to your cars and…there was a car crammed into every conceivable corner.  Down the stairs and a hefty older lady was in front of me.  A little red Honda with just a teensy bit of room between it and the end of the stair rail was at the bottom of the stairs.  She tried to squeeze through.  Nope.  Between the upper and mid rail on the handrail.  Nope again.  She was SO embarrassed (I was watching and waiting), she forced her way through the gap with some straining and groaning.  Red faced, she quickly disappeared.   I wonder if that was an incentive to go on a diet. 

At any rate, now I was faced with the same predicament.   Gulp.  And, I squeezed right through with no problem.   Now I have an incentive to STAY ON MY DIET!

Over to the car, and NO SQUEEZING HERE!  There was about 6 inches between Ben and a Nissan SUV.  Passenger side.  Nope, same amount of room.  That loader had really crammed me in.  Nothing to do about it but wait.  I jokingly told a man in a car behind me I’d have to go in spelunking through the hatchback.  Not worth it as all our baggage and food was in the way.  The SUV finally cleared and I safely exited the ferry.

We were hungry, so we stopped at the first pull-out.  This turned out to be the Cape Jervis lighthouse overlook.


Praxy had to hold on tight to her hat, the wind was screaming through.  This is actually a working lighthouse, a beacon for the returning ferries from Kangaroo Island.  Very modern, no cottages, no keeper.

We sat in the car to eat sandwiches, Sunchips, yogurt, washed down with bottled water.  Not a bad view.  Other passengers had the same idea.

The GPS brought us safely back to Mount Barker.  After a brief rest, it was time to take Ben home, downtown Adelaide.  It went very smoothly, the GPS took me right to it.  I was supposed to follow Alicia, but of course we got separated at a red light.  No problem, I beat her to the Budget Rental lot.  Uh oh, forgot to top off the fuel tank.  Fuel was double price if Budget did it.  So I had another brief round of Adelaide traffic, 7 blocks each way to the nearest gas station.  It went fine.

Back at the rental agency, I was a little on edge.  On about the 3rd day, Praxy noticed the left front wheel cover had a few scratches in it.  I tried to place the blame on anything and everything else, of course.  In a couple of hours, it hit me.  I remembered touching a curb in Mount Barker while practicing clockwise roundabouts.  The marks weren’t serious, but I figured I’d have to buy another wheel cover.   Nope.  Budget wasn’t worried about it in the slightest.  They probably see a lot of it from us foreigners.

Other than taking out that white and pink parrot looking thing on the way to Kangaroo Island, those were the only two things I touched.  Well, a tiny limb or two on a bush while parking in a tight area.  And hopefully a hundred thousand of those dumb flies (Oops, I promised not to talk about them).  Felt good about that.  First time ever driving left side in my life.  Car and us all back safely.

Off to Graeme’s house, then downtown to another beach for a fish-and-chips dinner and a walk along that beach.  On the way to the restaurant, trouble.

The first night in town, we’d gone to a different beach area for a drive and looksee.  We drove by a restaurant/bar, and there were several guys out in the street.  One of them had another in a headlock making him eat pavement with four more standing by to help.  I guess they were helping.  A big crowd of young adults gathered nearby to watch.  What I missed was the two women duking out on the porch of the bar.  Dang it. 

Women can REALLY get it on when they fight.  No Marquis of Queensbury rules.  Fingernails, fists, feet, teeth, shoes, beer bottles, anything goes.   Cloths can go flying.  Even hair can fly!  (Seen that)  Good fights are rather entertaining if you’re safely outside the Andy Capp/Beetle Bailey “cloud fight ball” zone and you don’t know either contestant.  Much better than televised pro wrestling imo.   I found out later that this double rhubarb made the local news at 10pm with several arrests.

Here we are at a different beach and…two guys rassling, punching, and break dancing on the concrete with a large crowd of young adults gathered around to watch.   What the heck?  Is it booze or fish-and-chips that triggers this behavior?

We passed by quickly.  Figured it wasn’t anything we wanted to hang around about.  At least no weapons were involved.   Other than stupidity.  A great anti-weapon.  Einstein once commented “There are only two things that are in infinite, the universe and human stupidity.  And I’m not sure about the first one.”

After dinner, we decided it was too warm, nearly 100F, to walk on the beach.  We lounged in a park watching some locals play soccer and a crested pigeon look for goodies.


Much cooler and more pleasant.  The soccer players ranged from guys that seemed almost retired semi-pro to 6 year old boys.  All were having a blast and it was cool on the grass in the shade.  Another man wanted to join in, but he had a two year old son that insisted on being included.  It was hilarious.  The man showed endless patience with his son and the players let the little tyke make a goal.  He finally had to pack up, take his son, and leave as that little boy screamed about being excluded from the game.

Anyway, this about covers Kangaroo Island.  Having a great time!

12/14/2016  6:00pm

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I am a federal employee that loves to travel. I don't get any time off during the busy salmon tagging season, March through November. So, I save my leave and explore the warmer parts of the world during the winter.
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