Day two, bumming around Melbourne

Next day, we were out and about looking around.  A late start as we both slept in until 10am.

Breakfast was going to be lunch.  A nearby food court provided an answer.  I decided to try Sri Lankan.


Rice with saffron, eggplant, chicken, and carrots.  All spicy enough to make a person sweat profusely.  It tasted fabulous.


A humble little restaurant with unique, tasty food.  Next time I’m here I’m going for the Nepalese cuisine.

Plenty to see downtown and there is a free tram zone there.  The City Circle tram outlines the free area and we took advantage of the situation by visiting the Queen Victoria market.


Full of touristy stuff, I bought a Tshirt.  Much of the inventory was made in China.  No thanks.  The fruit and vegetable market was amazing.  Praxy picked up dinner for herself, a mango and avocado.   My plans were different, a Lebanese Kebab from a busy little stand near the motel.

We decided to get off the tram at a little park commemorating two people that worked hard for rights for the aborigines in Australia.


No internet, so I don’t have their names.  If I remember, I’ll update.  Nearby was a fancy looking Catholic church.  St. Peters I believe (again internet)


We just had to go in and have a look.  What I saw will stay with me the rest of my life.  Simply stated, it was the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen.  Here’s a bit of a tour.



IMG_3149 - Copy (2)

I’d love to hear this magnificent pipe organ play.  No fair taking pictures of the organ, just the pipes.  Bummer.  The light might have been hard on the wood finish.

IMG_3146 - Copy (2)

A list of priests from the mid 1800ds.


Pictures don’t do justice.  This is a must see if you ever visit Melbourne.

We returned to the motel for dinner.  I grabbed a Guiness beer and took off for the Kebab shop.  There was a dozen people waiting in line.  That means two things.  It’s the only restaurant in the area or the food is fabulous.  This turned out to be the latter.  It was all I could do to eat all of it and the taste was amazing.  I’ll be back!

That is about it for the first visit to Melbourne.  We are returning on Jan 6th.  Edmund offered to give us his own personal tour of the Great Ocean Road if everything works out.  There is also the zoo and many other things to see.  We will have three days to give it another whirl.

If Edmund is busy, we’ll book our own tour.  Not to worry.

12/6/2016  2pm


About Ken

I am a federal employee that loves to travel. I don't get any time off during the busy salmon tagging season, March through November. So, I save my leave and explore the warmer parts of the world during the winter.
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