Post Numero Uno,Outbound

10 days before we depart, this will most likely be uploaded in either Los Angeles or Melbourne.

I now seem to have a handle on my arm problem.  It’s not arm, it’s neck!  That nasty crick I’ve had since I was a toddler is the culprit.

I can clearly remember a traumatic episode in the first grade in Kingman, AZ.  Walking down the hall from the restroom to Mrs. Page’s class with my head indicating a left turn.  Sharp pains and teachers asking me what was wrong.  After some meditation, I recalled that this wasn’t the first instance.  My chiropractor got the crick out about 10 years ago, but the damage was done.  Should have seen a chiropractor when I was in grade school.

Oh well.  I’m learning how to live with it and being careful.  Some lifestyle changes are coming up.  The changes were coming up anyway.  After all, I’m almost 62 Years old!

I already did some testing and found I can sit in an enclosed area just fine with my little inflatable travel pillow.  The doctor has cleared me for all activities including this vacation.  My limitations are going to be found and set by me.  Seeing a specialist in January.

Enough of this.  This is a travel blog; not appropriate for whining about my health.

Cat sitter, check.  Credit card authorizations, check.  Packing, check. Work, almost check; four more days.  Perishable in refrigerator, working on it.  Transportation and driver to Pasco, Washington for the flight, check.  ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) for Australia, check, nope uncheck.  Whoops.

I put my birth date incorrectly on the first one, then had to do another ETA for the correction and pay another $15 bucks.  According to their website this is acceptable.  But, I had someone from their support contacting me saying the two ETAs had to be combined.  So, I’m trying to do that even though I don’t think it’s necessary.  I’m sure there is a procedure for corrections as many people make bonehead errors.  Mine was a good one, but I figured out what I’d done wrong in a few days.

I’ve been making a gradually increasing number of stupid errors like this over the last year or so as my mind is starting to slip.  Been expecting it for years, but the actual experience is rather unsettling.  A sign of aging.  At least I followed through and caught my error.  This could have been disastrous in Los Angeles at boarding time.

We both had to do a little repacking.  The weather is rather chilly in southern Australia this time of year.  Very similar to the weather here in eastern Washington in the spring.  So, out went some shorts and T-shirts and in went some long sleeved shirts and pants for both of us.  We can always purchase clothing there in Australia and I wouldn’t mind souvenirs anyway.

Our host has planned to pick us up at the train station there in Adelaide.  Of course.  But we’ve got a huge bonus.  After we’re picked up, we’re heading to some sort of Christmas party!  I don’t know if it is through her job or a Philippine get-together.  Either way, it doesn’t matter.  One of my favorite things about travel is meeting new people in their home environment.

11/19/2016 11:05am

We left home at 8:00am on our first leg to Australia.  After picking up Scott in Pomeroy, we drove to Pasco via Starbuck and Lyons Ferry.  Neither Praxy or Scott had been on the route I chose, via Starbuck and Eureka Washington.  I got turned around a couple of times as it’s been several years since I took the back road through Clyde.  No problem, fixed the route quickly.  Scott is going back that way as I pointed out a back road he’d never known about.  That knowledge will come in handy at the end of January.  He’s going to divert from the main road and go exploring, road conditions permitting.

Had a great lunch in Pasco at a Taco eatery, Junior’s Tacos on Court street.  When in Pasco, eat Mexican.  Lots of excellent restaurants at very reasonable prices.  I chose the one that had the most cars (and Policemen) in attendance.  There were four cop cars and about 8 policeman munching down on the homemade goodies.  Yummy!

An uneventful flight from Pasco to SFO.  Good weather, I enjoyed the land passing under us.

Here in San Francisco, no big deal.  Just waiting around for our flight.  Praxy and I have both gone for a walk to stretch our legs.  Neither of us are really looking forward to the 15 hour plus flight coming up from Los Angeles to Melbourne.

I like this airport.  Normally I don’t have much good to say about California, but this place is all right.  Plenty of room, restaurants, and gates.  It wasn’t a bad walk from gate to gate.  A lot of times I seem to end up with the 7-10 airport split.  Smaller airports are fine but…Done that twice in Minneapolis and twice in Hong Kong.   Hong Kong was amazing.  45 minutes of fast walking with with 5 minutes to shop for a souvenir.  The only reason we weren’t the last ones on the jet was that the people in front of us had misplaced their boarding passes.

You’d think that the same airline would have gates closer together.  Not always.

Time to get ready to go.  Another update in LAX

11/29/16  5:55pm




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I am a federal employee that loves to travel. I don't get any time off during the busy salmon tagging season, March through November. So, I save my leave and explore the warmer parts of the world during the winter.
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